'The House That Is Me' writing activity

‘The House That Is Me’ activity takes the body as a starting point to find the right words to express how you are feeling on the inside. Teachers and parents can use Cheryl’s guide along with the video to help children create their own ‘The House That Is Me’ poem.

Pop Up Projects Teaching Pack

In June 2020, Pop Up Projects distributed a special edition of 'The Corona Collection – A Conversation' to schools around the country. This resource pack was included to help spark conversations and encourage creative writing.

School Workshop Suggestion

Here you will find a workshop outline designed for use in school 'bubbles' as children return to the classroom. This has been created for use alongside selected poems from 'The Corona Collection – A Conversation'.

Enfield Council Digital Resources Pack

Inspired by 'The Corona Collection – A Conversation' this pack of digital resources was created by Enfield Council. It is designed to help educators and parents facilitate meaningful conversations with Year 6 pupils on the topic of Covid-19.

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