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Coronavirus is bad by Niyaz
The Coronavirus is bad
Because it won’t let us go out
I can’t go to the restaurant
I can’t go to my cousin’s house
I can’t go to the airport to fly to Bangladesh
I can’t go swimming
I can’t go to Disneyland
I can’t go to Legoland
I can’t go to Chessington
When will it end?

I couldn’t go to school by Summer
I couldn’t go to school
I couldn’t go to school
I missed my friends
I couldn’t go to school
I hate wearing a mask
I hate wearing a mask
Always washing my hands
I hate wearing a mask
I enjoyed playing with my family and cats
I also enjoyed not getting up for school
I enjoyed playing with my family and cats.

If I could go anywhere by Lucas
If I could go anywhere I would go to Australia to see the Kangaroo
I would go to Italy to eat some pizza
I would go to Sheffield to the Zoo
I would go to California to see the ducks
I don’t mind the virus
I like to play board games
I am sad about the virus and lockdown

I wish… by Brandon
I wish I could see my Aunty but I can’t
At least I can spend more time with my mum and dad
I wish I could play football with my friends
But I can’t…
At least I am keeping my family safe
I wish I could go to the cinema
But I can’t…
At least I can watch TV all day
I wish I could get rid of Corona Virus
But I can’t

Go Away Covid by Benji
I wish it could be over
So I can play with my friends
I wish it could be over
So I can play football
I wish it could be over
So I can visit my cousins
I wish it could be over
So I can do Maths with Year 5
I wish it could be over
So I can go swimming
I wish it could be over
So I can go to Butlins
I wish it could be over
So Christmas can be the same
Go away Covid

The Pug in the Virus by Toby
I dream of a Corona free world
I’d be with my Pug
I’d buy glitter shoes
I’d wear them and show them off
I was confused on how it outbroke
I wonder how they make the vaccine?
I want to help, help

Corona has changed my life by Ava
I had to stay at home
I was sad because I did not go on holiday
Parks are closed
Play areas are closed
Corona has changed my life
I had to stay at home
I hate wearing a mask on my face

COVID-19 poem

March feels like another life, a former life, not real, not now
When the numbers were rising by the thousands and we weren’t allowed to go out
For more than a second, for a walk to the shops
Keep your distance, keep your mask on, keep on hoping this will stop

But when? When will it stop, when will it end?
I thought by August we’d be through, thought September I’d attend
School again, in person, not sitting at my desk at home
I thought summer would bring clarity, thought autumn, with all sincerity,
Would be normal, whatever normal is
I don’t even know if normal exists, whatever February was we’re not getting it back

I know that

I know that everyone’s adjusting, know that everything’s unclear
But I’m sick of uncertainty, sick of the suffocating fear
That’s weighing on me daily and I know I’ve got it lucky
But I just want to go to parties, I just want to waste my money
On overpriced drinks in a crowded bar, laughing cause someone said something funny

But people are dying, people are trying
To sort this mess of a world out
It sounds so insignificant when I say these words out loud
But I imagined seventeen so differently when I was growing up

My heart hurts, I can’t stop it, my heart hurts and aches and sears
It hurts for me, for the things I’ve missed
Hurts for my family, my friends and the tears
That have been shed for the volunteers
For the doctors and nurses and workers
Seem to flow endlessly, salty, relentlessly
Can’t you see?

This world is changing


happy birthday
to Me
happy birthday
i blow my party pooper

Eighteen they said, citizens votes rights
Eighteen they said, scrumptious sky scraping nights
Eighteen they said, tingling toes restless glee
Eighteen they said, leave the nest fly free
Eighteen they said, they said, they said fly free –

happy birthday
to Me
happy birthday
i blow my party pooper
at home
in lockdown.

Outside the world is going mad.
Inside i sit on my sofa.
i look out the window.

THE NEW NORMAL by Rosen Class

Only four children in our room,
Arriving late but leaving soon.
Wash and wash and wash your hands,
The world is closed so make no plans.
Two metres apart – stay in your seat.
We are the strongest and braves,
The elite!

Divide the playground into two,
Coughing and sneezing – it’s not the flu!
Did all the girls disappear?
I like this bubble – boys only here!
SATS are cancelled, hip hip hooray.
Every cloud has a silver lining they say!

My mother says my eyes are square,
Turn off the phone and brush your hair!
Read a book or make your bed!
My father’s face is turning red,
I wish I was an only child,
My brother gone completely wild!

All keyworkers deserve a raise,
For getting us through horrific days.
Doctors, teachers and cleaners too.
Shops and drivers helping me and you.
We clap and cheer and thank them all,
For acts of kindness (big and small)

By Uzoma, Ekin, Ali and Kemo

(with support from Sophie and Melanie!)


(Written collaboratively)

Lockdown binge-watching all online
Open up parks so we can kill some time

Lockdown only able to call my friends
Open up it’s good to see them face to face again

Lockdown I don’t see any people anywhere
Open up wherever you look someone’s there

Lockdown I have online home learning to do
Open up now I am back at school

Lockdown Tokyo Olympics cancelled – cruel
Open up Enfield Virtual Olympics going on in school

Lockdown, boring nothing to do
Open up parks, funfairs shops to go to

Lockdown hair grows out of control
Open up salons refresh the soul

Lockdown haircuts that are so grim
Open up barbers so I can have a trim

Lockdown lots of social distancing rules
Open up looking forward to diving in the pool


Lockdown – No going school
Open up – Covid doesn’t rule

Lockdown – Not much toilet roll
Open up – Plenty in the cupboards at home

Lockdown – I can’t see my friends
Open up – Our friendships extend

Lockdown – More time with family
Open up – More time with friends

Lockdown – We can’t embrace
Open up – At least we can see each other’s face

Open up – more planes in the sky and pollution
Lockdown – less pollution and more evolution.

Open up – more chance of corona virus
Lockdown – more safety from catching the virus.

Open up – the internet works better
Lockdown – the wifi took forever.

Open up – congestion and traffic everywhere,
Lockdown – the streets were so bare.

Lockdown – better for nature
Open up – everyone says ‘oh I will do that later’.

Lockdown – can’t see our friends.
Open up – go to a water park with slides with lots of twists and bends.

Lockdown – there is no work or school
Open up – we’re back and it is really cool!


Lockdown everyone has a frown
Open up everyone is around

Lockdown your hair is a mess
Open up a lot less stress

Lockdown endlessly inside
Open up out for a ride

Lockdown washing your hands
Open up exploring the lands

Open up in bed by eight
Lockdown everyone stays up late

Open up we might catch the flu
Lockdown they sky was nice and blue

Open up face masks on the bus
Lock down at home just us

Open up still two meters apart
Lock down with the family I heart

Poem by Will (Year 5)
A Chance

A change of pace,
Wanted or not,
Staying inside when the weather is hot.

Yet a chance to relax,
A chance to cook,
Here is my chance to read a book.

More time on my hands,
Less things to do,
Can this reality really be true?

Yet a chance to play chess,
A chance to improve,
Here is my chance to make my move.

The whole world has changed,
We don’t know for how long.
Everyone everywhere has to stay strong.

Yet a chance to reflect,
A chance to be me,
Here is my chance to just be free.